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Available as add-on for all your exisiting video platforms

Live it LIVE

Surf around the corridors of internet and find your favourite star, influencer, celebrity and strike a connect right now, right here.

Enjoy an exclusive video call, a quick tete-a-tete, listen-in to an engaging fire-side chat. Or simply high-five as they livestream, laugh and share a virtual beer with your fellow audience.Play with your gaming idol and beat them at their own game or pick your team from fellow audience.

Play with your gaming idol and beat them at their own game or pick your team from fellow audience.

time to switch “just watching” mode OFF ...

Stay Visual with Volcano

Take control of who, what, where and how you engage, enjoy, entertain.

Choose your preferred video platform, your favourite star, show or game. Buy a spot on the live screen and own that moment in space and time. Exclusively.

Your space, your right. Upload your image, pose for a selfie, enjoy a banter, celebrate a private birthday moment… be who you want to be alongside who you wish to be with.

Participate and engage with “Speak”, “Join with Cam”, “Play”, “Control the Stream” and more.

Made for Streamers

Get your personal rtmp:// url to stream your live to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Loco simultaneously in a sinlge click and it is FREE.





Volcano Streaming softward developed on top of OBS with multi live streaming support. The software is available for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.


We believe the future of entertainment is Interactive

Volcano believes in the power of human connect. In a world separated by geographic & virtual borders we bring the experience of togetherness by creating live moments and memories.

Straightaway live into the life of your favorite creator

Be in the lime light, live.

Step out of the sidelines and meet, debate, talk, celebrate and connect with millions of creators and ideators beyond the walls of chatrooms.

Take home Memories from your video call

This is what something really missing in most of the LIVE platforms. Yes, you are the owner of your takeaways, perhaps it can be your future NFTs.

Block your favourite username today & get invited for the early access.

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