🌋 VOLCANO begins...
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🌋 VOLCANO begins...

Doing something with video was the only criteria when we started thinking about an idea to do.

I was a great fan of Vimeo. Vimeo was there as a video platform with YouTube; however, it is not so popular as YouTube. But what I loved is their differentiation, that you need to pay to add videos and it is free to watch.

This differentiation bought them quality content when compared with any random content on YouTube. For years, and I believe still, Vimeo is not everybody's cup of tea.

But I loved the differentiation, and they existed as them, now and then.

The idea behind Volcano started from the craze on videos, the only form factor which combines text, image, audio, visual, animation, and more, packaged as a single file.

As an active user of Final Cut Pro for more than five years and as an editor, the multi-layered video idea got reinforced, and that was the crux behind a multi-layered video platform, Volcano.

Jithin and I were very passionate about the letter 'V.' As mentioned above, we believe the name Vimeo must be derived from the word "VIDEO," where they replaced the letter 'D' with 'M.'

As in the word 'VIDEO,' we wanted a similar name from VIDEO, which led to a new name, VOLCANO, where something begins with V and ends with O, like VIDEO.

Alright, more stories are on the way; see you all;