We are Volcano, a live video interactive platform for real-life content. We are building the future of live, interactive, entertainment.

Volcano is where people come together live every day to chat, interact, play, co-watch, co-browse, and live stream those experiences to a larger audience if they prefer to.

Together with friends and fans. Discover shows your friends are watching. Join chat prioritized to who you already know. All in an online community where everyone is welcome.

For creators:

Host interesting sessions with other creators in your area or live interaction with your existing audience via Volcano to build relationships and engage with your superfans. For creators and influencers who would want to get started with an invite, please write to us at we@volcano.social.

For collaborators:

You can do live video discussions and chat on top of your Google docs and Figma screens. Click here and paste the link to Go Live.

For viewers & content lovers

Visit our website to keep track of upcoming programs to participate in or just watch.

For entertainment & games

Play our online poker, UNO, and other games with live video on with a tape recorder & a TV in the background to emulate your old nostalgia moments from the real world, relive it on the Volcano screens where it comes to life.

Even better, how about watching a Youtube, Twitch, or a Vimeo video together with friends along with a live video chat? Click here to learn how to do it.

We saved, our best yet simplest for the last!

Click here to install the Volcano Google Chrome Chrome for thehttps://vlca.no/chrome. All the actions and tools mentioned above in a single click.

Reach us

Write to us at founders@volcano.social

Want to talk? +91 900 8888 522


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